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1. introduction #

Welcome to the StartBusiness Wiki article about the Freezone Do-It-Yourself package. This article is for you if you have booked the Freezone Do-It-Yourself package for your company startup. Here you will find a detailed description of the process and important information to keep in mind.

We would like to emphasize that we work in cooperation with Freezone IFZA and do not charge any fees on Freezone prices. Our transparency distinguishes us!

2. preparation for the establishment of the company #

Before starting any business, a meeting with the StartBusiness team is inevitable. This first conversation serves to discuss and answer all questions and ambiguities. It is important that you have a full understanding of the startup process and the steps involved.

Further discussions are possible in case of ambiguity.

Once all the issues are settled and you're ready, it's time to get started with the actual company formation.

2.1 Policy #

As part of the preparation process, we ask you to carefully read our StartBusiness Policy and return it to us signed by mail.

The Policy ensures that we comply with all legal standards and maintain a smooth and transparent business environment.

Our transparency and regulatory compliance are extremely important to us to ensure that you receive a reliable and professional service. By adhering to the policy together, we can ensure a smooth and successful company formation in the Freezone.

You can view the policy at the following link: Policy link

BIZCheck: Send policy to StartBusiness

2.2 KYC - Know Your Customer #

As a customer of StartBusiness, it is necessary that you fill out our KYC (Know Your Customer) form. This step is important because we need all the relevant information in order to submit the applications correctly and make the incorporation process run smoothly.

Our KYC form contains various fields in which you must provide personal information such as your name, contact details, nationality and other relevant data.

We use this information only for internal purposes related to the establishment of the company.

Your data will not be disclosed to third parties unless required by law.

You can view the KYC at the following link: KYC link

BIZCheck: Send KYC to StartBusiness

3. start of the company foundation #

Our experienced team will carefully prepare applications and ensure that all required documentation and information is complete.

3.1 Invoice and payment #

After the applications are successfully submitted to the Freezone, the Freezone will create an invoice for the incorporation of your company. This process usually takes 1-2 business days.

This invoice can be paid directly to the Freezone. We would like to emphasize that we do not charge for our services as we have a partnership with the Freezone IFZA and are compensated by them.

However, you have the option to hand over the payment to us. We attach great importance to transparency and give you the choice.

There are several payment options available to you. You can pay by wire transfer, paymentlink (with a fee of 2.25%) or cryptocurrency (with a fee of 2%). If you decide to make a wire transfer, we recommend using the app. Transfers via are usually posted to the recipient within 24 hours and low fees apply. Please note that traditional bank transfers to your own bank can take several days.

Please send us the proof of payment via email or WhatsApp, gladly also as a screenshot. This will enable us to continue with further work internally and to efficiently drive the foundation process forward.

BIZCheck: Select payment method and make payment

BIZCheck: Send proof of payment to StartBusiness by e-mail or WhatsApp

4. receipt of the company documents #

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive an email from IFZA confirming the applications; after about 5-8 business days, the following company documents will be given to you:

  • Company license - FZCO (Freezone Company with limited liability)
  • Shareholders agreement - MOA
  • Lease Agreement - Lease Agreement
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Establishment Card

BIZCheck: Confirm Freezone email

5. residency/visa process #

After receiving the company incorporation documents, the visa application process begins.

5.1 Entry Permit and Status Change #

After we submit the visa application, you will receive a confirmation email from the Freezone. About 5-7 business days later you will receive an e-visa, which is also called an entry permit. With this document you are allowed to enter the country (UAE, Dubai).

Please note that you can only enter the country after we have given you the okay, as arriving too early without the entry permit will result in high costs!

At the airport in Dubai you have to get the e-visa stamped, which is of great importance. You have a period of 1 month to enter within this validity period.

It is important to note that steps 1 to 5.1 may take place entirely outside the UAE.

However, if you have already been in the country since step 1, a status change will be required after you receive your entry permit. This status change includes the change of your temporary visa into a regular visa and costs an additional 1600 AED. However, if you are already entering the country with the Entry Permit, these costs will not apply.

BIZCheck: Confirm Freezone email

BIZCheck: Send StartBusiness the stamped Entry Permit by e-mail or directly via WhatsApp.

5.2 DO IT YOURSELF : Medical, Fingerprint and Emirates ID #

From here the Do-It-Yourself part starts. All the steps before are done by us. Now it's your turn!

Once you have entered Dubai, you will go to a medical center at the earliest opportunity and have a health check (blood test and x-ray). Here you have the choice between a VIP procedure, where the result is available within 4 hours, or a normal procedure, where it takes 24 hours.

You are free to choose which Medical Center you would like to visit:

Garhoud Star Building, 8th Street, Garhoud, Dubai
Working Hours:
Sunday - Thursday
7:00am - 7:30pm
Medical Service Type & Cost:
VIP (4 hours) - AED 750
24 hours - AED 530
48 hours - AED 430
Normal (5 working days) - AED 320

Emirates ID:
Same location


China court, next to DEWA Customer Happiness Center
Working Hours:
Sunday - Thursday
9:00am - 8:30pm
Friday: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Medical Service Type & Cost:
VIP (4 hours) - AED 1100
24 hours - AED 545
48 hours - AED 305
Emirates ID:
Full service - AED 372, Same location

At the same place and directly after the medical test you apply for your Emirates ID. When you apply, you will be asked if you want the Emirates ID sent to your home/hotel or if you want to pick it up at the same center. You are free to decide.

To get your Emirates ID, you will get an appointment for your fingerprints. If you are lucky, you will get an appointment for fingerprints quickly, but it may be in a few weeks. Depending on how much time you have, you can leave it as is or we can arrange a next business day appointment for an additional fee.

After you submit your fingerprints, you will receive your ID after about 3-4 business days.

Please send us all applications and results via email and WhatsApp so that we can continue the application for your real visa (visa stamping) in parallel.

BIZCheck: Perform the medical and fingerprint appointment

BIZCheck: Send StartBusiness all applications and results via email or WhatsApp.

5.3 Visa Stamping #

After we have received your medical result and all applications, you will receive your proper visa after 5 business days. This would complete the company formation and visa process. Please note that you are not allowed to leave Dubai during the visa process. Only after receiving the visa stamping you can leave Dubai as usual without any problems.

We also provide a convenient and efficient solution by emailing you your StartBizDocs.

Your StartBizDocs are a collection of all the important papers and documents that have been created as part of your company formation.

By sending you your StartBizDocs electronically, we offer you the opportunity to store all documents securely and well organized online. This gives you access to important documents at any time and allows you to retrieve them quickly and easily when you need them.

6. Do It Yourself after the foundation #

After incorporation, you will have the opportunity to take care of other important steps and matters on your own. In the wiki you will find all further information and instructions on the various aspects that belong to a company, such as opening a business account, a private account and the acquisition of a company stamp.

Here are the corresponding links:

Business Account: Link to wiki article about opening a business account.

Private account: Link to the Wiki article about opening a private account.

Company stamp: Link to the wiki article about the acquisition of a company stamp.

7. note #

Please note that the duration of the entire process may vary and in certain cases may be faster or slower. There are many authorities and instances involved over which we have no direct influence.

If possible, airline tickets should be flexible to accommodate any changes.

However, there is the possibility of using faster methods, but they involve additional costs.

Please also note that you should only enter and leave the country with the approval of StartBusiness. During the procedure, there are certain rules that must be followed.

The BizCheck note helps you to have an overview of your tasks during the process. We will always guide you, of course, but it is helpful to have everything in view.

Besides, it doesn't matter if you're abroad or at home, our professional team will support you every step of the way and make sure everything goes smoothly, because we set up for you no matter where you are!

Summary of duration Step 3 to Step 5.2:

- Application and receipt of invoice approx.2 working days

- After receipt of payment: receipt of the license approx.5 working days

- After license: Receipt of the Establishment Card ca.3 working days 

- After Establishment Card: Receipt of Entry Permit approx. 4 working days 


- After Medical Result and Fingerprint : Receipt of Emirates ID and Visa Stamping about 5 business days.

Updated on 1 July 2023