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Dubai Influencer License
The Permit for Social Media Activities in the UAE

Living and working where others go on vacation - with a company foundation in Dubai, this is no longer a dream for you, but reality. Of course, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) not only offer beautiful landscapes and great weather, but also tangible benefits for your business such as tax breaks, government subsidies and more. If social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube or TikTok are the basis for your business, you will need a Dubai Influencer License to operate in the UAE. We at StartBusiness not only provide you with the most important information on the topic, but also reliably support you in applying for all necessary visas and more for your business!

Dubai Influencer License: What is it, why do I need it, how do I get the license? Get these and more answers from your strong partner for business startups in the UAE!

What is the Dubai Influencer License?

Basically, the Dubai Influencer License is not a license, but an additional social media authorization. It is issued by the Media Regulatory Office (formerly: National Media Council NMC) and is required by anyone who is active in social media and receives money for it. To obtain it, you need a valid Dubai Residence Visa and an Emirates ID. The easiest way to get it is to establish a company in the UAE - StartBusiness supports you!

Why is a foundation in a Freezone in Dubai so interesting?

The free zones in Dubai are particularly attractive for business start-ups in the UAE. Each free zone has a specific professional focus. The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) is a modern and progressive free zone located directly in Dubai. IFZA has established itself as one of the leading freezones, offering a wide range of activities including e-commerce, trading, management and much more.

IFZA is known for its customer focus and commitment to providing customized solutions for businesses. No matter what business you want to start, IFZA offers the right license and support.

Which Freezone in Dubai is best for your business depends on your industry and business needs. So, which freezone is best for your business may vary - what is the same in any case are the strong advantages such as:

First class geographical location

Dubai serves as a gateway to global markets, giving you easy access to key trading partners.

Strong economic and trade infrastructure

Dubai has state-of-the-art facilities and a strong commercial and financial structure.

Political stability and legal certainty

With its stable political environment, the Emirate of Dubai offers companies a high level of legal security.

Full ownership:

By choosing a Freezone in Dubai, you have full control over your business.

Tax incentives

Attractive tax conditions, such as tax-free profits, offer you strong financial advantages.

100% profit repatriation

You can repatriate your capital and profits to Germany completely and without restrictions.

You are not quite sure yet whether starting a business in a free zone in Dubai is the right choice for you? Talk to the experts at StartBusiness - together we will determine the right form of business for your startup in Dubai!

This is what you need for your startup in a Freezone in Dubai

In order to successfully set up your business in a free trade zone in Dubai, you should meet certain requirements and take specific steps.

Make sure you have sufficient capital to cover start-up and operating costs.

Apply for the registration of your company and the necessary licenses - pay attention to the regulations of your chosen free zone.

Plan and set up your office or business premises according to the Free Zone regulations (size, location, equipment, etc.).

Apply for the necessary visas and residence permits (Dubai Residence Visa) for you, your employees and your family to work and live in Dubai.

Open a bank account for your business to process financial transactions quickly and securely.


You can rely on StartBusiness at every step of your startup in Dubai - we are always there for you with customized solutions!

The support for your startup in a Freezone in Dubai: Successful startup with StartBusiness

When setting up your business, you should secure reliable support - especially if you want to set up in a free zone in Dubai. We at StartBusiness support you with various services. You can choose between our Do-It-Yourself and the All-Inclusive Package.

Do It Yourself Company Formation Freezone

● Enterprise license
● Visa
● Non-stop WhatsApp support

Detailed instructions for
● Medical Check-Up & Fingerprint
● Emirates ID
● Personal & Business Account

For this package, you never pay more than the price charged by the authorities and you can upgrade at any time.

All Inclusive Package for Freezone Dubai

Included are:

  • Personal support
  • Company license
  • Visa & Emirates ID
  • Exclusive VIP Medical Check-Up with escort and driver
  • Personal & Business Account

In addition, we offer you detailed consulting services, a strong management service or even a reliable credit brokerage service. StartBusiness is your reliable partner for the establishment and operation of your business in a free zone in Dubai. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to create a customized service package for your needs - we look forward to hearing from you!